When the going gets tough,
we get going

Our service delivery reflects our hardworking personality. Not afraid of some bumps in the road, our friendly drivers do the tough stuff with a smile. From the timing of delivery to where we place products on shelves, we live to serve. Our customers say our drivers are the best part about doing business with us because they are so friendly, flexible and understanding. We are known to go the extra mile when you need it the most.

And we love a challenge. So go ahead, put us to the test!

Building Services

Make your business look like it's never running on empty. Our facility service programs maintain it like a well-oiled machine.
See how Sage can help you clean up your act »

Food Service

One of our Sage team members is rolling up their sleeves right now to help your hospitality business look its best.
Let the food speak for itself with our hospitality services »

Floor Care

A clean and safe building starts from the ground up. So get to shining with a Sage floor care program.
Not only will a Sage floor care program save you money, you’ll look good doing it »

We go to the mat for you.
It’s the cleanest mat you’ve ever seen.

A clean mat means a cleaner building. Sage’s variety of mats help keep out dirt. Our Mats also prevent dangerous slip ups, keeping your feet on the ground and your focus on your business.

From service frequency to type of mat, we’ll design a mat program with you to suit your needs.

See our selection of floor mats.

When others throw in the towel, we’re just getting started.

With Sage, our services always outshine the competition. Our towel service brings you freshly-laundered, stacked towels to meet any situation- big or small. So clean and fresh, you might just want to dive in.

See our selection of towels.

Fresh and clean aprons, proposal-worthy linens.

Dress for any mess in our selection of fresh, crisp aprons. So many choices, you’ll feel like you’re picking out a prom dress. That is, if prom means your toughest day at the office.

See our selection of aprons and napkins.

Delicate subject, tough paper.

A well-run bathroom speaks volumes, as does the reverse. Our suite of bathroom products create the impression of clean where it matters the most. Germs, meet your match.

See our selection of restroom supplies.

Mops to make your floors shine*.

Our mop service makes sure your mops are well-maintained and up to the task. You can save money by adopting our mop service instead of purchasing mops that you end up tossing. We will clean and deliver mops whenever you need them in the quantities you desire.

See our selection of mops.

Just the right Chemistry.

With our no cost “Precision Blend Control System,” you can ensure the right amount of product is being used for every task. This not only saves you time, but lots of money. On average, our customers save 90% on their cleaning supply costs. These chemicals are selected with a green-orientation in mind, because keeping Portland beautiful is part of our ethos. We’ll help you select the right cleaning chemicals and keep them stocked with our inventory management program, saving you money, space and time.

See our selection of chemical cleaning products.

Army of Awesome.

As with everything we do, our garment program is designed to bring transparency and ease to your life. This means eliminating losses and bringing you the top-quality garments you desire. Say “bye bye” to traditional garment programs and “hello” to our fresh approach.

See our types of garments.