Our mission is very straight forward:
help our customers be successful

Our mission is very straight forward: help our customers be successful. We are more than just a delivery service – we are your friends and partners. When you thrive, we thrive. It’s that simple!

Sage’s partnership commitment is at the very core of our company values. Everything we do is based on providing the ultimate value to our customers. If we can help reduce a customer’s expenses we’ll do it. If we can provide a better product to handle a customer’s need, consider it done. If we need to tweak an aspect of our service delivery for your specific needs, you got it. In fact, our employee compensation program is based on customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, we aim to please. Simple as 1,2,3, that’s the Extra Mile Guarantee.

Sage is proud to have roots in Portland

Sage is proud to have its roots right in Portland. The Northwest is our home and our community is our life blood. Being local means we feel your pain and celebrate your gains – that means a face to the name, and strict accountability to our reputation. It’s not by chance Sage has become the fastest growing facility services company in the Northwest. It’s been through sheer grit, dedication to our core values, hiring great people, and giving back to our community. We look forward to the future and working even harder to keep us at the top of our game.

Green—We get it, you’ve heard it before.

We get it, you've heard it before. Green, organic, sustainable - what does it even mean? For us, it means not only being the best customer service providers you've ever seen in this industry, but being stewards to the environment. It means making conscious choices to preserve this Pacific Northwest Wonderland - from recycled products to environmentally-friendly chemicals. The tree in our logo is a constant reminder of our commitment to replenish.

Green Seal Certified


Green Seal is a non-profit environmental standard development and certification organization. Green Seal’s flagship program is the certification of products, services, restaurants, and hotels.

Cascade Energy Participant


Participating in the Cascade Energy Programs means proactively seeking betters ways to lower energy and use of natural resource consumption. Creating more sustainable business and operation practices is just the right thing to do for our community.

Local Impact

Supporting local charities that keep Greater Portland happy and healthy. Because Sage Cares.