Sage, A Fresh Approach

Sage is bringing a fresh face to facility services and industrial laundry. Whether it’s from Eugene to Vancouver or McMinnville to Sandy, we’ve got you covered. From our one-of-a-kind service to our top-quality products, at Sage we do things differently. We are locally owned and operated so you won't get a call center somewhere far away, just a Sage employee who knows your name and your business needs - sometimes before you do.

Building Service

So fresh and so clean. What you need, when you need it!
See how Sage can help you clean up your act »

Food Service

Towels, Linen, Aprons and Mats, Oh My! Everything for your restaurant or hospitality business.
Let the food speak for itself with our hospitality program »

Floor Care

Good business starts from the ground up. Keep your floors spic ‘n’ span with our mats and mops.
Not only will a Sage floor care program save you money, you’ll look good doing it »

When we say “Fresh Approach”, we mean it …

"The drivers make all the difference. They have become like another part of my business. They know my staff and my needs."

"I know my sales rep and the owner of the company. It’s not just some guy in an office somewhere with a suit. This is definitely a plus especially in this day and age."

"I love that they're not all about making money. They're about relationships."

“If every business knew the way Sage does business they would all be working with Sage.”